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Thirty six years of continuous, diverse, licensed, real estate experience
Occupation:     Managing Broker, Wright REALTORS® and Wricor Realty Advisors
Chief Executive Officer, West Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® - November 1, 2009 – January 31, 2013
Education:    B.S. Degree, Business Administration (real estate) 1983, San Francisco State University

Fighting for YOUR property rights

Property rights are a fragile thing. Few of us think of them that way of course, unless and until our own rights are threatened or extinguished. Yet the struggle to preserve property rights is constant. I recently spearheaded the fight against an ill conceived plan to seize mortgages using Eminent Domain; a plan which would have permanently threatened home ownership in the city of Richmond and could have served as a model for mischief elsewhere.